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  • hello! my name is crystal.
    i am a wife, mother of two, attorney turned photographer living in arlington, virginia. originally from small town, alabama, i like to think of myself as a country mouse in the big city.
    likes: the smell of books, coffee, the outdoors, Fall, imagination, acoustic music, the sound of rain, compassion, peaches, baked goods, neil young, a good read, wine, yarn, taking photos (of course). i can't wait to meet you.

at the beginning, again | arlington virginia family photographer

dear littles.

here we are at the beginning, again. another year of preschool stretches out before you. like always, you are eager to strike out on your own – full speed ahead. i spent every single day of the summer with you. and yet, yesterday, while walking around old town with you and taking these pictures, you suddenly and fully came into view. you are different now then you were just a few short months ago. you are larger, yes. but, you are also more nuanced. you are more patient. you are more thoughtful. your questions are more probing and more intentional. while it was tremendously difficult at times parenting the two and three year old you, i now find myself concerned about what is around the corner for us. toddler tantrums are one thing. probing and intentional questions are quite another. it is difficult being the person in charge. i thought when i became that person the skies would open up and provide me with all of the answers. it hasn’t. it won’t. i will just continue doing my best, sweet girl. i hope that is enough. luckily, you are most gracious about my failings, for which I am so thankful.

littles. keep being you. it does hurt my heart sometimes when i allow myself to really look at you and how much growing up you have done so far. life is moving too fast. but, it hurts in a most joyous way (which doesn’t really make much sense, does it?). you see, i am so very blessed to have you. you bring me so much joy and love and hope and faith. keep growing. keep changing. remain joyful of spirit and persistent in seeking answers to your questions. keep moving forward on your path. i can’t wait to see where you are headed.



let there be laughter | alexandria virginia family photographer

“And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” – Kahlil Gibran

this family – i loved every single second with them. they share such a joyous connection and seem truly in love with life. being around them was a treat. we talked and laughed and, just like that, we were friends. i am always so grateful for the people i meet doing this job, especially when they are as warm and welcoming as this family.

calvin, at home | arlington virginia newborn photographer

i fell in love with this family and their sweet baby boy, calvin. i did. they are just so lovely and share such joy. spending a rainy afternoon with them was a real treat. sessions like this one are why i love doing what i do. enjoy.

Sally - Perfection. Just beautiful. (As always.)

Amy - Wonderful surprise to check fbook and see the link to these photos. I can’t believe my 12 1/2 pound chunky monkey used to be so tiny. So thankful that we had you to capture this moment in time!

Crystal - thank you sally. that means so much to me.

Crystal - yay, amy!
i can’t believe he’s that big already! i need to see him again – such a doll. hope you are well!

janine - Gorgeous. I really love how these pictures are so “real” and capture the newness of the family so well…and not staged. Your pics never cease to amaze me, Crystal. MOVE HERE AND TAKE OUR PICS! HAHHAA We aren’t pregnant yet but want another one… :) (this makes me want another now!)

heather and nate | alexandria virginia maternity photographer

i met up with these two several weeks ago. right away, i knew this session was going to go splendidly.  like me, heather is from alabama. and, she is so warm and enthusiastic and full of life. nate is so friendly and easy going and funny. spending time with them was just so easy. and, they were naturals in front of my camera. i cannot wait to see them again and to meet their little guy (born yesterday! – congratulations you two!!).